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FITNESS with a purpose


3 classes per week    1 hour classes


A PURPOSEFUL Fitness Program for older ADULTS

This well rounded fitness program utilizes century old exercises/techniques found in the martial arts and is specifically designed to help older adults attain, and maintain, their personal fitness goals.

We are committed to the fitness needs of adults over 45, and younger adults with minor mobility issues.

We will help you reach your personal goals; strengthen your body, mind and spirit; and build long lasting friendships.

4 Pillars of Fitness 

FWP is built on 4 pillars essential to overall fitness: flexibility, strength, balance/agility, and aerobics are the hallmarks of FWP.  Every class addresses all these essential elements.  You will also learn stress management and relaxation techniques, as well as theoretical and practical self-defense.  FWP will keep you motivated and enthusiastic about your fitness goals. 

All our exercises are "low impact", with a focus on "range of motion", and designed to give you a full body workout.  The continuous learning aspect of FWP will keep you interested and motivated.  Everyone is treated as an individual and you are never pressured to advance, only encouraged to improve.

Although our primary goal is to help you improve your overall heath and wellbeing, you will also gain a solid knowledge of practical self-defence techniques that are easy to learn.  The emphasis of FWP is on quality; not quantity; it is more important for you to learn a few techniques appropriate for your age or ability level, and learn them well, than it is to learn a broad range of techniques and not master any of them.


Fitness with a purpose

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3 classes per week

1 hour classes

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