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Can I try a free class before I make a decision to join VMA?

Absolutely! We offer a 2 week FREE trial period to anyone who is thinking about joining our academy. We know choosing a school is a big decision, so we want to make sure you have the time to make the right decision for you and your family.

When do I need a uniform?

Most students prefer to have a uniform within the first class or 2 of their training, but a uniform isn't required until a student achieves their first rank. Once a student earns their first rank, they must have a complete uniform before they attend their next class.

I'm not currently in very good shape, how difficult will class be?

This is a question we get asked all the time. Our classes are designed to meet you where you are and provide the structure, encouragement and tools to achieve your goals at your own pace. We always have a lot of beginners in our class.

What can I expect in a typical class?

Youth, Junior, Adult and FWP classes are 1 hr long​. They begin with our traditional bows, followed by a short meditation. You can then expect from 15-30 mins of cardio, strength conditioning and stretching. The remainder of class will typically be focused on working through various drills, sequences and curriculum development and practice.  We end class with our traditional bow. Our Little Tigers classes are 30 minutes long and follow a similar structure. It is designed to improve your child’s motor skills, coordination and concentration in a fun and encouraging environment.

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If my child and I both join, can we train together?

Yes, we have a very unique class called our "family class" that allows students from our Youth, Junior and Adult programs to train together. It is a great way to get an extra class in each week but also to build those strong, long lasting bonds with your child. These classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30am.  NOTE: This class is open to any students in the Youth, Junior, Adult and FWP  programs who have earned their first belt/sash, not only for those with family members who train at VMA.

Do you teach separate Kung Fu and Hapkido classes?

Our curriculum includes a combination of both styles. Most of our forms (patterns) come from our Kung Fu lineage and our self-defence is carried from our Hapkido lineage. We find that by combining the two into one curriculum creates a more well rounded and interesting program for all students. We honour both styles with the same respect and traditions.

I see some of your photos with students wearing belts and some with Sashes - which do you use and what's the difference?

We use both :-) depending on the program the student is enrolled in. Since our curriculum is created specifically for the age group of each of our programs, we use both belts and sashes to help our instructors quickly determine what program the student is in and what curriculum they are learning. Our Little Tigers use a belt system (white belt to red stripe). Our Youth program also uses a belt system (red belt to brown belt). The Junior program uses a sash system (red sash to Jr brown 3 - denoted by a red sash with 3 brown stripes). And finally our Adult program uses a sash system (red sash to solid black sash - and beyond). This also creates a sense of pride when a student moves from a younger age program to an older one.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes, we offer private and semi-private classes to fit your needs. Whether your an existing student who wants additional training, to fine tune a specific technique or portion of your curriculum or are a new student that would prefer to train in a One-on-One setting rather than group classes; private or semi-private classes may be for you.

What do we call the instructors?

Black Sash instructors have earned the title of "Sifu" which means 'teacher' Brown Sash (female) students have earned the title of "Sije" which means "older sister" Brown Sash (male) students have earned the title of "Sihing" which means "older brother"

Frequently asked questions

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