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August, 2021


Volpe Martial Arts Training Guidelines

  • Please only attend classes if you are completely healthy and free of COVID-19 symptoms and have not knowingly come in contact with someone who has been exposed to COVID-19.

  • As of July 13, 2020 the Region of Waterloo face covering by-law came into effect and every person over the age of 5 years old must wear a face covering when entering the academy. 

  • Face coverings will not be required during physical training.  Students wishing to wear a mask while training may do so provided they understand the challenges. Some of those challenges include but are not limited to: increased touching of the face to adjust masks, difficulty breathing and communication difficulties.

  • All students are encouraged to come fully changed in uniform or training clothes.

  • Please arrive right before the class start time and leave immediately after class has ended. Please arrive on time!

  • Whenever possible, we will be holding classes outdoors. Always come prepared to train outside for each class. This includes bringing appropriate footwear for training outside (please not “flip flop” style shoes). If the weather is poor, we will of course train inside while maintaining proper social distancing.

  • Upon entering the academy, all persons must sanitize their hands (using hand sanitizer). Hand sanitizer is made available throughout the Academy.

  • Washrooms will continue to be available.

  • Training floor is sanitized thoroughly each day and more frequently as needed.

  • High-touch surfaces are sanitized frequently throughout the day.

Together and by taking the above measures we can work together to continue to learn and stay active during this time.


If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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